Louisiana Original Tasty's Chicken Franchise Opportunities


 Thank you for your interest in Louisiana Original Tasty's Chicken!  We are currently looking for franchise operators nationwide. Our goal is to find restaurant professionals who understand what it takes to operate a high-volume, fast food operation. 


    • Franchising Facts:
    • Founded:  Monroe, Louisiana 
    • Build-out options: Free standing, end cap and non-traditional venues
    • Available territories:  LA, MS, FL, AZ, TX, OK, CA, MI, IL, OH, AL, FL, AR and Canada. 

Here's a breakdown of some of the costs for setting up a Tasty’s restaurant and operating: 



  • Franchise Fee: $30,000
  • Royalties: 5% of weekly gross sales
  • National Production Fund: 0.5% of weekly gross sales
  • Local Store Marketing: 2% of weekly gross sales
  • Multi-Unit Development Available: Yes to qualified applicants
  • Financial Requirements: $100,000 Cash Available ($500,000 Minimum Net Worth)

Real Estate Requirements

  •  .3 to 1 ac of Land
  • 35k – 60K AHI
  • 50k People in a 3 Mile
  • Retail Corridor
  • Great Visibility
  • Access to Intersection
  • Strong Day Time Traffic


  • Can I build one restaurant, or do I need to commit to a multi-unit development deal?
  • We will consider a one-unit deal depending on the market but at this time our goal is to develop at least three restaurants in a given trade area. 


  • What kind of support does the Home Office provide?
  • We help from the time you start looking at real estate and support you all the way through the lifecycle of your business in all phases of operations, marketing and brand growth.  We will provide the guidance, operational support, and training to give you the tools for success. 


  • How long does it take to open a Tasty's Chicken?
  • Typically, nine (9) to 12 months depending on many factors including site selection, lease negotiation, permitting and construction.


  • Does Tasty's Chicken offer financing?
  • No but we can guide you to financial institutions that may be able to assist. 


  • What is the process to becoming a franchisee?
  • Step one is to fill out the form below.  From there we will contact you if you meet our minimum financial requirements.  Once we have an initial call, you will receive a copy of our Federal Disclosure Document and the application process with start.


    Contact Us for Franchise Opportunities

    Please contact us if you are interested in upcoming franchise opportunities. - info@LouisianaTastys.com